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Super Moms 0

When someone asked me what a Super Mom is, obviously my mother, Virginia Huber came to mind. I’m sure many of you that know my mom would agree.

Freshen Up For Spring 0


A new spring season means a chance to freshen up your home. With a few easy steps, you are sure to have a home you’ll love.

My Right To Defend Myself 1


My entire life I’ve always been taught that guns are “bad” and that people who have guns other than for hunting reasons are to be feared, but this brochure changed my entire outlook on owning a gun.

The Grass-fed Difference 1


Based in the tiny community of Monticello Missouri, U.S. Wellness Meats has been getting some high profile attention for their high-quality beef.

B&B Livestock Receives Honor 0


B&B Livestock Supply, located in Camp Point Illinois, was the winner of the 2010 Agribusiness of the Year Award presented by the Quincy Chamber of Commerce.

The Big Move 0

I graduated from Illinois State University, December 2008. It was about March 2009, when I made the big move to Quincy, Illinois.

Beautiful Baby 0

Recently I attended the beautiful wedding of a young woman who, twenty one years earlier had been in danger of being aborted.

For Tea Parties, Bigger is Not Better 0


It seems misguided to suggest top down management in a time when big companies, big organizations, and big government have received bailouts after spending like drunken thieves or failing in the marketplace.

Farmer’s Market 0

Growing up in a nation of privilege, many young people have a false perception that somehow a paycheck is owed to them for merely showing up.

Learning From the Past 0

The Fall Creek Friends 4-H Club and the Adams County Olde Tyme Association have teamed up to create a general store inside the historical Lewis Round Barn Museum at the Adams County Fairgrounds.

Remake Mania 0


Ah yes, the re-imagining, the reboot, the reworking, and the retelling; words that are thrown around Hollywood these days like they were going out of style.

Year of the Tablet 0

In the tech world, it’s beginning to look like 2010 may go down in history as “The Year of the Tablet”.

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? 0


Many people think TCBY is ice cream. It’s so good, but you’re afraid to eat too much without having a guilty conscious. Well good news, TCBY is actually low-fat frozen yogurt!

10 Awesome Weight Loss Foods 0


These 10 great foods not only help you shed pounds faster, but some of them even deliver health bonuses on top of that!

Herford and Quincy: A Story About Sister Cities 0

Next year, in 2011, we are planning our return visit to Herford in combination with a Baltic Cruise.

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