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The Choice of Freedom? 0

So many of the battles that we face within the culture war of our society are rooted in this spiritual conflict over what kind of liberty and freedom is going to shape our lives.

Girl Talk for Issue 4 0


The earth’s eco-dilemmas will not be easily eliminated. But we can make a conscious decision to reduce the amount of human PCB’s we are personally responsible for churning out.

Quincy Tea Party 0


“United we stand” has often been an American motto. Close to 1,100 Quincyans stood united this past spring when they met for the “Quincy Tea Party” at Clat Adams Park.

Green Gifts by Grawe 0


By nature, crafting is green; it is an art of fashioning decorative pieces out of sustainable material comprised primarily of wood, cotton and recyclables.

Tech Toys for Tots 0


When most of us think of tech toys, or technology in general, we think of products designed with teenagers and adults in mind.

Underground Tracks 0

This story comes right from Quincy’s backyard. Quincy and the surrounding areas were rife with Underground Railroad activity.

Film Reviews for Issue 4 0


Having silent characters in a children’s film says a lot about the quality of a script, after all, it’s not easy to hold a child’s interest.

The Color of Money: Green Investments 0


Another thing the world is focused on is the economy, particularly the losses that have been sustained in the stock market. I thought it might be a good time to talk about “Green” investing.

The Call of the Wild 0

Personally, I like starting the cruise in either Seattle or Vancouver and following the Alaskan trail to enjoy one great scenic climax after another.

Publisher’s Note for Issue 4 0

This summer, I hope that you remember what our country stands for. Enjoy your family and friends, but also be grateful for our forefathers and their actions.

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