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Publisher’s Note for Issue 3 0


Welcome to the spring issue of The Q, Quincy’s premier resource! In the spirit of spring weddings we’ve sprinkled somewhat of a ‘love’ theme throughout these pages.

Destination Weddings, Stock Tips 0


If you want the wedding of your dreams, and the honeymoon right there as well, there are many options; From Las Vegas (you don’t need passports) to Mexico, Caribbean Islands, or even on a cruise ship.

Green St Patty’s Day 0


Invest in a central air conditioning unit with a seasonal energy efficiency rate (SEER) of 14 or higher. You could reduce your carbon-dioxide emission by more than 1,500 pounds a year.

Latest Quincy Events 0

On January 10th Cardinal’s All-Star Woody Williams signed memorabillia and held a press conference at the Quincy Mall’s 21st Annual Baseball and Sports Memorabilia Show.

Our Heritage 0

By the year’s end Quincy’s historic downtown should look even more picturesque, and the Q would like to thank in advance everyone who is helping to better our community, one improvement at a time.

Media Player Madness – A Review of MP3 / Video Players 0


ven if you do know what options you are looking for, the wide selection of products out there may make it even harder for consumers to make a decision.

Favorite Romantic Films 0

The film revolves around Issac Davis, played by Woody Allen, who is trying to write a book to save his struggling writing career.

The Q Wedding Guide 0


You’ve finally got the ring, now comes the hard part. There are people to see, places to go, and plans to make – the life of a future bride.

When I Was a Girl… 0

I’ve never known a life without the love of family, the support of sisters, and of course, one brother.

The Ever-Increasing Presence of Business Networking 0


Especially in this economy it is very important that small business owners and managers network. And they have to network efficiently.

Divine Romance 0

So much of the world’s version of love and passion, is focused more on what we can get, than what we can give.

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