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  • on 20.12.2008
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The Majesty of the Season 0


Article by Pastor Gary Wallace

The Holiday season is such an awesome opportunity to encounter God’s creation, as it offers us all so many opportunities to engage the world around us and to gain a deeper appreciation for the lives we live.

From the smell of heartwarming fires and fireplaces filling the air, to the shouts of basketball crowds and brisk outdoor family and community activities, the holiday season seems to touch a special place in all of our hearts and homes, calling us closer to who we are and even more, to who we should or want to be.

The Bible says that “Our lives are but a vapor, which is here today and gone tomorrow”. So, how appropriate that any of us would crave the fulfillment of this seasonal splendor and plentiful provision. Even if we find ourselves in need of help or healing, and it feels like we’re unable to grasp the precious moments, all the more reason to reach for a deeper touch and revelation from this season for our lives.

But, keep in mind that the natural world and all of its abundant provision, is God’s creation, and it simply testifies to the greatness and the beauty of our Creator and Lord. It’s hard to fathom, but the natural glory of the season is just a small glimpse of the deep and penetrating love of our Heavenly Father. So, if we’re actually going to harvest and feed upon the greatest provision of this season, we’re going to have to look beyond the natural with our spiritual eyesight, to our Creator and abundant provider, Jesus Christ. He can turn darkness to light, and bareness to blessing. He is the Creator of the new creation, and can bring a gift from Heaven into our lives, as we call upon His name. He can warm our hearts without the campfire…He can bring the shout of victory without the football game… He can make every event special, and bless the seasons of our lives with his goodness. He is the true Majesty of the Season.

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