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  • on 20.12.2008
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Tin Dusters, Boats, and Lincoln 0

American Queen’s Last Voyage

This fall the largest steamboat in the world passed by Quincy for the last time. A once flourishing business, river cruises are seeing the end of their long history. The Queen’s fleet owned by the Majestic America brand has been decommissioned. Included in this group is the world famous 80 year old paddle-boat, the Delta Queen.

Automobile Works of Art

The Tin Dusters Color Run in October was a great success. Beautiful weather and a multitude of fine automobiles made for a very colorful weekend. The Tin Dusters will be back in 2009 and the Q magazine can’t wait!

Lincoln Visits Quincy

Washington Park was recently one of the sites for the Lincoln/ Douglas Reunion tour. Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Douglas, and several historic Quincy figures who were connected to the two men gave era-themed speeches and spoke as if it was a press conference in present time.

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