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10 Awesome Weight Loss Foods 0


Everyone wants that great beach bod for the summer, but find it hard to get in shape. These 10 great foods not only help you shed pounds faster, but some of them even deliver health bonuses on top of that!

EGGS: Full of protein and will help you feel fuller longer! Research also shows that protein may also prevent spikes in blood sugar!

BEANS: Most people probably haven’t heard of cholecystokinin, but it’s one of the best weight-loss pals to have! This digestive hormone is a natural appetite suppressant. Plus, high-fiber beans can lower your cholesterol!

GREEN TEA: The slimming ingredient isn’t caffeine, it’s actually antioxidants called catechins which help speed up metabolism and the fat burning process.

GRAPEFRUIT: This fruit’s phytochemicals reduce insulin levels, a process that may force your body to convert calories into energy rather than flab. This is great for women who just had a child/children and want to lose that baby weight!

OLIVE OIL: With extra virgin olive oil you’ll be burning off those calories quick because it’s a monounsaturated fat. Try using it as a salad dressing, bread dip with fresh cracked pepper, or even for sautéing.

LEAN BEEF: The amino and leucine, which is abundant in proteins like meat and fish as well as in dairy products, can help you pare down while maintaining calorie-burning muscle! Plus, it’s filling and will help you stay fuller longer.

VINEGAR: This is also a great filler-upper. Acetic acid in the vinegar slows the passage of food from the stomach into the small intestine, so your tummy stays full longer. Vinegar can also short-circuit the swift blood-sugar rise that occurs after you eat refined carbs such as white bread, cookies, and crackers.

NUTS: Yes, they are fattening: a handful of peanuts is about 165 calories. But research shows that people who snack on nuts tend to be slimmer that those who don’t. Walnuts containing omega-3 fatty acids help you burn calories even when you’re relaxing, plus eating 10 to 20 whole pecans daily can reduce heart disease risks.

HOT RED PEPPER: Eating a bowl of spicy chili regularly or an omelet in the morning with red pepper can help you lose weight. The magic ingredient is capsaicin, which helps suppress appetite.

PEARS: At six grams per medium-size pear, they’re great at filling you up! They contain pectin fiber, which decreases blood-sugar levels, helping you avoid between-meal snacking.

So quit wasting time on slim down products and come fill your fridge and pantry at your local grocery store!

By April Azotea

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