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  • on 14.04.2010
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B&B Livestock Receives Honor 0


B&B Livestock Supply, located in Camp Point Illinois, was the winner of the 2010 Agribusiness of the Year Award presented by the Quincy Chamber of Commerce. Bill Craig, the owner of B&B, is about as down-to-earth and customer-oriented as they come, and it shows in the way he conducts his business every day.

Bill has been selling trailers since 1976, and today B&B Livestock Supply sells and services a wide range of trailers and supplies to meet the needs of local farmers and hunters, as well as smaller options for the casual hauler. “whatever your needs, we’ve got the trailer for you” Bill says.

With approximately one hundred new and pre-owned trailers on the lot at any given time, that statement is bound to be true. You can find B&B’s website at, or call them at 217-593-7725.

By Carl Johnson

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