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Beautiful Baby 0

Recently I attended the beautiful wedding of a young woman who, twenty one years earlier had been in danger of being aborted. Like many of our clients, her 19 year old mother had nowhere else to turn when she came to Birthright in desperate need of help. She found a friend at Birthright and all our lives were changed forever.

I couldn’t help but think how that beautiful bride affected so many people; her husband, and children for generations. Babies are beautiful and how happy everyone always is to see them. They brighten a room with their smile and offer us a sense of joy and hope and remind us of special memories of our own childhood or precious memories of our own children.

Birthright is a non-profit, non-political, non-denominational service organization that offers pregnant women and girls the non-judgemental emotional and practical support they need to make responsible and educated decisions about their future and that of their unborn child. We offer free and confidential friendship and support, pregnancy tests, maternity clothes, baby clothes, and information.

All of us at Birthright are dedicated to you beautiful Quincy, in helping you to continue to grow with beautiful baby.

(Patty Adam is the Director of Birthright Quincy. Birthright is located at 1200 Broadway, Lower Level Suite A, and can be contacted by calling 217-224-1277, or by e-mail at
All calls are confidential.)

By Patty Adam

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