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Freshen Up For Spring 0


A new spring season means a chance to freshen up your home. With a few easy steps, you are sure to have a home you’ll love.

With spring, comes the dreaded home improvement projects and spring cleaning. Although cleaning up dust bunnies may not be your ideal activity on a Saturday afternoon, it is the first step to having a beautiful home. Spring is also a great time to tackle any home improvement projects you may have. A new coat of paint and new carpet are two relatively easy ways to give your room a brand new look (and smell). Use colors that are clean and refreshing, light and tranquil. Delicate colors and soft fabrics are perfect for making things look fresh.

Achieve an easy and budget friendly interior design facelift by making a few quick and easy changes to your furnishings. Something as simple as putting a new slipcover over the couch, adding a bright new area rug or hanging up new artwork and photos will really give your space a fresh, new look.

A few simple home décor purchases can transform any home. This spring calls for accessories that are not only affordable, but also ones that stir up thoughts of spring. You can change out ceramics for crystal and glass and dusty old flowers arrangements with bright new custom floral arrangements and wreaths.

I went to Ben Franklin to check out the current home décor trends of the season. I was inspired. When I walked in the doors, my world was transformed into a spring paradise. Fragrant candles with floral and fresh smells, bright blooming flowers and beautiful spring home décor indulged my senses. I found that two of the most popular trends for spring 2010 are lighted branches and deco mesh. Lighted branches are used in floral arrangements. Step 1: Get a clear vase Step 2: add some beads Step 3: put in the lighted branches along with your favorite silk flowers and Walla, you have a beautiful focal point for your room. Deco mesh is used for wreaths and bows. It comes in many colors and styles, from glittery to plaid. It is sure to draw some eyes and be a topic of discussion.

Michelle, the manager of the Quincy Ben Franklin store also schooled me on porch and outdoor decorating for spring. There are stepping stones and outdoor flags, garden statuary, lawn and garden stakes, water fountains, patio furniture, planters, hanging baskets and so much more!! Who knew that decorating the outside of your house is just as important as decorating the inside of your house?

No matter whether your style is traditional, whimsical or modern, have fun with your decorating. And if you’re not feeling inspired, do what I did and let Ben Franklin help.

By Christina Wilson

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