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When someone asked me what a Super Mom is, obviously my mother, Virginia Huber came to mind. I’m sure many of you that know my mom would agree. I would hope that you too could say that about your own mother. I know for some children they may not feel that way about their own mother. I think it would do well for those children to remember that you had no instruction manual attached to your big toe as you came bouncing on the scene. Just remember that your mother was here first!

My mother is so good at mothering that it’s as if she has been mothering her whole life. Now that I look back I think she has. My mother was born March 1928 in a two-story white stucco home located just north of that big red barn across from John Wood Community College. The house no longer stands but I’m sure my mom thinks about it every time she drives by.

My mom was the oldest daughter of 7 children, and it’s obvious to me she shouldered a portion of the care giving of her younger siblings. Knowing my Uncle Albert, who was older than her, I’m sure she also had to manage his teasing. My mom was married at the age of 20 after she met my dad at a barn dance. My dad always said Mom would have been a nun, but he came along just in time and she couldn’t resist.

My oldest sister, Marie was born March 4, 1950, followed by 7 more girls, and 1 boy. They are as follows: Marie, Bernice (the chosen child), Wanda, Alice, me (the black sheep) and my twin sister Elizabeth (deceased), then five years later another set of twins, Kent and Karen. Yes, two sets of twins, and this was before the modern day of fertility science. Obviously God had a plan for Mom to be a Super Mom. My mother was the first person you saw in the morning as we would rush down the stairs of our farm house. Mom would be sitting at the table with a cup of Folgers coffee (I thought Folgers was the only coffee in existence). She would be listening to WTAD, which was on permanently in our kitchen.

At my young age I thought it was the only station out there. Do you think Mary Griffith would agree? Mom always made our school lunches and sent us on our way. Yes, we did walk to school, a mile. Uphill both ways, we walked down Huber hill and trotted up Stupavsky hill where St. Anthony’s school was located. This is the same route my mother and her siblings took as mom grew up just west of the farm I grew up on. I know we sound like the Walton’s and we’re all okay with that.

If someone asked me how my childhood was, I would say “the very best.” We all knew that Mom had all the right answers, and if you don’t believe me, you could have asked my dad! He would be sure to tell you that mom was right. After raising 7 children she was blessed with 20 grandchildren, many of who spent long hours with Mom and Dad on the farm. Ask my children, Joe and Josh, about their childhood, and they will fondly reminisce about being on the farm with Grandpa and Grandma, learning to cut wood, fish, hunt, and garden with my dad and sew and cook with my mom.

My mom was always there for all of us kids and still is today. I’ve always had a lot of love and respect for my mom, even though in high school I thought she was too old fashioned and that her main goal in life was to cramp my style. I remember the day I had my older son Joe, my mom was in the hallway of St. Mary’s Hospital. As they wheeled my newborn and me out, my mom was all smiles and tears. She said he looked just like Willie, my dad. Of course, he did. He was bald and had no teeth of his own!

That day I had a new found respect for my mom. I couldn’t believe she had done that 8 times. Wow, what a Super Mom! All of a sudden my mom was an amazing woman. Even more amazing than she was before I became a teenager. Today, at heart my mom has 8 child, 20 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren, with one more on the way. One thing my mom can’t resist is rushing to the hospital to see that newborn. Every chance she gets, she holds her new babies in her arms and glows in the glory of a new life.

I know having all these children has made my mom a constant prayer warrior & source of strength for our family. When asked what Mom loves best about children, she says “being able to watch them do new things.” From my jolly Grandma Mast, to Mom, carrying the love of mothering down through our generations, it’s evident that God has blessed us beyond measure.

By Marybeth Swigart

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