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The Big Move 0

I grew up in a city outside of Chicago named Carol Stream and lived their my whole life until about one year ago. I graduated from Illinois State University, December 2008. It was about March 2009, when I made the big move to Quincy, Illinois.

I came to Quincy following my girlfriend, Kelly. She got a job at Blessing Hospital and I followed. When I first got to town I was fortunate enough to have a job right away remodeling my girlfriends Dad’s house. Right around the same time I completed this project, in August, I got a call from AdForce Ad Agency to become part of their team working in the video department.

At this point my girlfriend and I both had jobs here in Quincy, but we didn’t have our own place. We were very fortunate that her dad let us live in his house, but it was not the ideal situation.

After hearing that the first time homeowners tax rebate was extended to April, I knew it was time for us to buy a home that we could call our own. The whole experience of looking at different homes and figuring out what we could afford is something to remember, probably the rest of our lives.

I’ve noticed that Quincy has many great homes with charm and character. Compared to back north in Chicago where all the homes on a street looked the same. We were drawn to bungalow homes. They have very nice character to them and in Kelly’s words, “are cute.”

We soon found a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom “cute home.” After all the paperwork was done we just waited to hear back on the appraisal. It came back, but lower than what we were going to pay. We sent a counter offer back to the sellers at the appraisal price. About two days later we heard back, and they denied the counter offer. My girlfriend and I were very upset but we weren’t about to pay more than the house was worth. As hard as it was to walk away from the house, we did.

We were upset and didn’t know if we would find another one that we liked. As luck would have it we got a call from our agent about a very nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, bungalow home that was just reduced in price and was now in our price range. After seeing it we loved it and knew it had to be ours. We made an offer, and sure enough it was accepted!

Funny enough about a week before we were closing on our new home the sellers from the first house we put an offer on called and decided that they would accept our counter offer of the appraisal price, only 3 weeks later. At the time they didn’t accept we were upset, but if it wasn’t for their denial of our offer, my girlfriend and I would not have this wonderful new home. Thanks to that now-fortunate turn of events we have a much better home that we both adore. A house that we are proud to call our home.

We moved in March 10, 2010 and look forward to our lives together and to what the future brings.

Over the past year of living in Quincy I have grown to enjoy living here. I am now officially a Quincian and glad to be a part of this great community.

I would also like to give a very special thanks to Janet Arns with Davis & Frese Realtors Inc. for all of her help to make our dream come true.

By Chris Vlasvich

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