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The Grass-fed Difference 1


Based in the tiny community of Monticello Missouri, U.S. Wellness Meats has been getting some high profile attention for their high-quality beef. Recently featured on, U.S. Wellness Meats puts the focus on healthy and, yes, happy cattle. Just take a look at “The Grass-fed Difference”, a video featured on the company’s Youtube page (, and you will see for yourself just how content these cattle are. That may have something to do with their gourmet diet of 100% all-natural forage and zero grain. The cattle are rotated daily to a new section of fresh pasture, keeping the best quality forage in front of animals on a daily basis. “This traditional method mimics how buffalo grazed in North America for centuries, and it is the critical difference between 21st-century grass-fed and the old 1950’s model.”

John Wood, the founder of U.S. Wellness Meats and a lifelong farmer, realized that there was a unique way to raise cattle that would dramatically increase the health benefits of the meat. Specifically, U.S. Wellness all-natural beef is high in CLA and omega-3s. Antioxidant and anti-cancer properties have been attributed to CLA, and studies show encouraging results in hindering the growth of tumors in mammary, skin, and colon tissues. CLA was also shown to reduce body fat, especially abdominal fat, while increasing lean muscle mass.

“In 1900 diabetes was almost non-existent; if you turn the clock up one hundred years to 2000 we have a runaway epidemic of diabetes. When I went to school nobody had A.D.D., you look at school today and you’ve got kids taking medicine, and this is all driven off of diet.” John says, standing in his green pasture with tame, curious cattle all around him. “And it’s so simple to get back to the foundations of a good healthy diet by consuming grass-fed beef, home grown vegetables, and getting away from processed foods.”

Today U.S. Wellness Meats enjoys large success selling beef to all fifty states and several foreign countries through its website (, and remains a family-owned business based in Monticello. Customers include professional athletes and renowned chefs, some who will only serve U.S. Wellness Meats in their restaurants. It just takes one bite to realize the large difference in flavor between this, and beef from the grocery store.

By Carl Johnson

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  1. Greg Echlin says:

    What professional athletes are customers?

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