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In with the Old 0

As much as people are encouraged to buy new furnishings these days, sometimes reusing items that have been around for a while might be a “greener” action than buying new.

Window Coverings: Keeping the Green Movement Going 0


When designing window treatments, our first priority is to make sure the design reflects the client’s decorating style.

Green Gifts by Grawe 0


By nature, crafting is green; it is an art of fashioning decorative pieces out of sustainable material comprised primarily of wood, cotton and recyclables.

Girl Talk for Issue 4 0


The earth’s eco-dilemmas will not be easily eliminated. But we can make a conscious decision to reduce the amount of human PCB’s we are personally responsible for churning out.

Green St Patty’s Day 0


Invest in a central air conditioning unit with a seasonal energy efficiency rate (SEER) of 14 or higher. You could reduce your carbon-dioxide emission by more than 1,500 pounds a year.

Energy Efficiency 0


Buy a programmable thermostat. It will automatically adjust the temperature while you’re at work. A two degree adjustment can prevent 1 ton of CO2 a year.

Pump Crunch – 4 Ways to Save Money 0


What was once considered a vehicle for a certain lifestyle is now being considered a low-cost alternative to costlier wheels. Some motorcycles can get in excess of 100 MPG, and commonly achieve more than 40 MPG.

The Brilliant Bottle 0

You’ve no doubt heard all about hybrid cars on the road, the increasing popularity of wind generators, and products made from recycled paper, but have you heard what the carpet industry is doing for the environment?

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