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Set in 1950s American suburbia, Revolutionary Road tells the story of Frank and April Wheeler, who buy a home on said road and set out to live the American dream.

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Having silent characters in a children’s film says a lot about the quality of a script, after all, it’s not easy to hold a child’s interest.

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The film revolves around Issac Davis, played by Woody Allen, who is trying to write a book to save his struggling writing career.

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Home Alone stars a young Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, a mischievous adolescent who gets more than he bargains for when his wish for his family’s disappearance is granted.

To See or Not to See 0


In what is essentially a wannabe Austin Powers sequel, Mike Myers writes and stars in an oddball Eastern guru comedy full of lowbrow humor that usually fails to achieve laughs.

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