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During the holiday season, people are often faced with the frustration of trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and family.

Holiday Shopping Tips with Domestics Etc. 0

Sentimental gifts are always a win. Photo frames with family pictures or items with a verse or phrase displayed on it give a nice personalized touch.

Best Tech Gifts under $150 0


The gift-giving season can often be hectic for those lacking gift ideas. No need to fear, however; John Mast from Computer Works gives some tech-related gift ideas.

Holiday Shopping Money Tips 0


If you are like most people, you severely UNDER-estimate what the holiday gift list is going to cost. Here are some time-tested tips to help you not overspend on gift giving.

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Whether it be waiting in line for 12 hours to be the first one in a store or getting in a fist fight at WalMart over the last in-stock TV, Christmas shopping is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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A new season is rolling around and the fashion is changing as quickly as the weather. Luckily there are plenty of stores around that are getting in new stocks of the latest trends.

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