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The Quincy Tea Party 1


The Quincy Tea Party hosted Lincoln’s Legacy: Patriots on the Prairie, which was carried live on the Glenn Beck Special on Fox News.

The Ever-Increasing Presence of Business Networking 0


Especially in this economy it is very important that small business owners and managers network. And they have to network efficiently.

The Hottest Gifts 0


Whether it be waiting in line for 12 hours to be the first one in a store or getting in a fist fight at WalMart over the last in-stock TV, Christmas shopping is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Business, Booze, and Body Parts 0


With Sam’s Club opening October 23rd there’s a lot of buzz about what next. Rumors of Target, Petco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Menards, and Red Lobster are among a few that I’ve heard.

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